"Catch Me Off The Five" EP

by JPK

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"Catch Me Off The Five" is my first solo exploration into the realm of self-aware-pop, vintage keyboards, self minimalist production and distances.
Please feel free to share and download the EP for free. Donations accepted to help further future projects. Special bonus items included.

Recording, mixing, mastering by JPK
Produced by JPK


released September 15, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: 1. Catch Me Off The Five
Greedy Stevens

3...2…1… its blast off, we invade your space like JP back off!
Takes your hats off, and tell your girl to hit the floor and shake her ass off.
What’s the final score? Check the tally. The crew forms, then we drink like O’ Mally’s.
Back in the day I copped the stress sack, you could catch me off the 5 like Taft.
Now adays it’s the aftermath, 10.50 for the gram after tax,
An after that where’s my girl to wax? I hit it from the back, then again, back to back.
Leanin’ sideways, were back and forth on the highways, Willie hutch California my way.
Every day’s Friday. I checked my bank, god damn I’m paid.
It’s obvious I’m flawless, I got your girl bra-less
It’s the blend crew sent to offend you.

We get sloppy drunk off the skunk, and roll blunts as fat as tree trunks.
Is that 16 oz? nah it’s a tall boy, stand back and watch me ball boy
We make fetti in the dale get head and flip tails, were off the rails, I give 100 you give 10% like bail
We grow gardens of green like kale you’ve already failed…
Cuz you’re an afterthought and were the forefront, so send your girl to the store for more blunts.
It’s a celebration, bring the crew thru. We’re on the grind to make bucks like buku
Fiends follow their noses like fruit loops, and hoes come in pairs like deuce deuce.
She’s so wet man like the fruit juice. She called me star burst when I let the juice loose.
And you can’t handle that. She took my huevos then she scrambled that.
Movin’ product to L.A. from Mendo, with my blunt sparked blowin’ smoke out the window.
Or you can catch me beach side, above the pelican’s man, I’m way too high…
With the champagne extra dry. I never slip cuz I always fly.


i get it
bearded and egg headed nereid
lose flavor piece by piece like the zebra stripe
nested and digesting the red headed and bed ridden
notepad daddy had me cheesy but the queso shredded in the
california salad little panty and pet kitten
dentata detention with the wrist strengthening
gums bleed and i'm flossing cattle crossings in seattle
back in the saddle low on tramadol and straddling
glow stick go sick vomit and smash it back in the floormat in my honda civic
highway tongue tricks chase does like with the salt lick
she broke out of prison to visit and got conflicted
propane hot thick goup la brea tar pits
get head like cobain's living room carpet
clean up your mess and learn not to miss then
commence the best in sex texts and hit send

nocturnal urinal half asleep emission
hippie girl short dress looking jewel intuitionn
i ban ray bans no mans handjob bad lands
i got rubber bands and a nanny with the crisp hair
fran drescher fran drescher fran drescher
undressed on the dresser bless her
best thing glistening covered in ranch dressing
crushed red and parmesian shake sprinkling
call your mom and go nondebutant in the parking lot
pass me the kar keys baby karwoski
pop pill roll rill
sit still untill the cops leave
Track Name: 4. Sides
Written by AHH

I'd like you to be my friend and I wanna be on you're side.
Instead of being negative I'd like to have some pride.

And He say's, The storm's always coming trying to blow all my friends away, until the powers of the universe gathers and puts you all to shame.

Now whenever she's gone, I wanna be by my side.
Yeah whenever she's just all gone, you wanna be by my side.
Track Name: 5. Carnival
Greedy Stevens

And the checkered flag is in sight, and I can see it fine, and I don’t need foresight.
But at the end of the night, you’re gonna have to show me the way like a flash light.
We can chill at my place, or you can take a pie in the face.
it’s up to you! But, I’ll never pull a Cliff Huxtable.
We can get lost at the carnival, and play in the galaxy, or mob the streets of San Francisco in a taxi.
With you it’s the opposite of taxing, it’s relaxing.
Years pass, as we move forward, and I still look back at em.
With a big fat grin, I'm trying to keep a big fat beard on my big fat chin. And at the same time get a win.
Don’t let them catch wind, cuz they’ll try and bring you down like ELO.
Cuz their haters, and you know, their glad to see you go…
Track Name: 6. Head Spin
Head Spin

I don't even know how it happened
don't ask cause i don't even know how it started

Breathe in I'll make ya head spin
Ooooh hold on its good love you needin'
Pull me close and you'll feel the heartbeat

A moment is all that it took
Now I'm caught, you're the fish and I'm the hook.

Breathe in my heads spinning
Oooh I know, I know that I'm sinking
I'll let go and just hear your heart.

Believe it, more than I'm thinking
and I don't mind, you know my secrets,
lets lay low someplace that nobody knows.

Give me, no sense in resisting
Let me in, lordy know that you want it
don't talk and you'll hear a heartbeat.